Kim Petras' Early Musical Talent: From a young age, Kim Petras displayed remarkable musical talent, starting classical piano lessons at the age of 4 and writing her own songs by the age of 13.


The historic gender transition path of Kim Petrus: Kim Petrus underwent gender confirmation surgery at the age of 16, when she started her own gender transformation.3


Kim Petras' YouTube Stardom: Petras gained early recognition through her YouTube channel, where she shared cover songs and original music, amassing a dedicated fanbase.


Collaborations with Pop Icons: Despite her young age, Kim Petras has collaborated with renowned pop icons such as Charli XCX, SOPHIE, and Kygo, showcasing her versatility and talent.


Kim Petras' Multilingual Abilities: Fluent in English, German, and French, Petras often incorporates different languages into her music, adding a unique and international flair to her songs.


Advocate for Transgender Rights: Kim Petrus is a passionate advocate for transgender rights, using her own social platform to raise awareness and promote inclusion and acceptance.


Writing Hits for Other Artists: Petras has not only found success as a solo artist but has also written songs for other notable musicians, including Kygo and Cheat Codes.


Support for LGBTQ+ Community: Beyond her work as an artist, Kim Petras actively supports the LGBTQ+ community and has performed at numerous Pride events worldwide.


Kim Petras' Production Skills: Petras is not only a talented singer and songwriter but also has production skills, often co-producing her own music to ensure her artistic vision is fully realized.


Global Chart Success: Kim Petras has achieved impressive chart success internationally, with her songs reaching the top of the charts in countries like Germany, Australia, and the United States.